The Leadership Review (TLR) was launched on September 24, 2015 at the Best Leadership Development Practices of Asia Seminar and Awards 2015. At the launch, Rajeshwar Upadhyaya, Editor-in-Chief, of TLR introduced The Leadership Review, “The Leadership Review is an attempt to tell the stories of success and try and see how in our own spaces, we can expand the influence of what comprises leader and leadership. Stories that we bring about are from all domains. I think they have the power to influence and give us insights on how we can transform leadership space in our organizations and in our country. The Leadership Review is not a business leadership review. It is a leadership review. In a sense that it looks at government, it looks at policing, it looks at IAS officers and it looks at the corporate. It looks at the bottom of the pyramid, the top of the pyramid, and at the wisdom traditions of India. It looks at the contemporary challenges. It looks at correlating and deriving insights from other parts of the world and benchmarking from other parts of the world.” Highlighting the rigour that goes into each story of TLR, he said that whenever we interview people, in the front end we have an interview narrative but in the back end we consciously embed a framework that allows for rigorous thinking.