Rajeshwar Upadhyaya, Editor-in-Chief, The Leadership Review

Rajeshwar Upadhyaya, Editor-in-Chief, The Leadership Review

September 8, 2015

We see leaders with best of intentions run with all their heart and yet stumble and fall. Sticking to old patterns in a rapidly changing external environment is only yielding failure and frustration. New responses need to be included in the repertoire of our leaders. And these new responses do not necessarily need to discard the wisdom of the old. That is a paradox that leaders are expected to live.


In this issue we are carrying the stories of two such leaders – Deep Joshi and Ujjwal Nikam.

Joe Hopper, in his captivating counter-intuitive narrative paints a worrying picture of how performance appraisal is running wild in our organisations. Prof Mangesh Karandikar has written a perceptive piece on how leaders need to respond to the invasion of internet and mobile space. Then there is an article in defence of envy and another exploring the leadership of Don Quixote.

Probably the first man to insist on the virtues of foolishness!

Happy reading!