Rajeshwar Upadhyaya, Editor-in-Chief, The Leadership Review

Rajeshwar Upadhyaya, Editor-in-Chief, The Leadership Review

November 8, 2015

This is the Deepawali month, a festival that calls for celebrating the riches, the abundance, the prosperity. Unlike Holi, here the riches do not get hidden behind colours. Diyas of ghee are lighted. Houses are painted. New clothes are bought. Gifts are exchanged. Desire of prosperity is expressed. Goddess of riches, Lakshmi, is invited. Aspirations are expressed unabashedly.

 In line with this sentiment, we bring to you the story of a leader who brought prosperity to Ralegan Siddhi, a village that was drowning in despair. It is the first part of a two-part series exploring Anna Hazare, the modern day Gandhian as an emotionally intelligent leader.

 P Sainath, former rural affairs editor with The Hindu, has also contributed an inspiring story of leadership from a small village in Orissa where villagers took over the court in defiance of the British Raj. Then, we have an article which, through the prism of wisdom traditions of India, explores tyaaga and enlightened self-interest as very important facet of leadership.

 Vishal Dhupar, MD, South Asia, NVIDIA, in an interview, tells us about his collaborative approach to leadership. Ambika Vishwanath explores the leadership of past and present in the Middle-East and highlights the leadership gaps that need to filled to transform the region.  Last but not the least, Joe Hopper’s column this time calls for catastrophe investing!

Happy reading!