Rajeshwar Upadhyaya, Editor-in-Chief, The Leadership Review

Rajeshwar Upadhyaya, Editor-in-Chief, The Leadership Review

January 8, 2015

The story goes that when Vyasa finished writing the great Mahabharata (an epic larger than the Iliad and the Odyssey put together!), he gave it to the various rishis for their comments — an ancient variation on peer review.

Most rishis came back awed by the text and they marvelled at the dexterity demonstrated by Vyasa in putting together such a text! A civilisational marvel! They said.

But then they also asked rhetorically: who the text was for.

For all of mankind mused Vyasa.

Hmmm. They halted and then said …too voluminous!

Who will read so much? Who has the ability, the time or even the appetite for such a book.

Was an executive summary possible?

Yes said Vyasa unhesitatingly.

And so a brief, very brief version was written and sent out. Pat came the reply….much better!….much better! But it is still too much for the puny unevolved, schizophrenic, triarchaic brain of man. Was one pager possible?

Yes said Vyasa.

Was a single sloka possible?

Yes said Vyasa. And so all of the Mahabaharata was reduced to one single sloka. Deep, pithy, profound, meditative. So deep indeed that it was inaccessible to any who read it except for some few Maharishis.

Can you reduce it to one word? A simple, practical, universally understandable word?

Yes said Vyasa. “Paropakar” — compassion and goodness for others.

This then is the quintessence of leadership. This magazine founded on the principle that the seeds of compassion and service exist in all of us. Those seeds need to be watered. Nurtured. The Leadership Review is an attempt to bring stories of exceptional leaders in a manner that activates our own highest potential.