Rajeshwar Upadhyaya, Editor-in-Chief, The Leadership Review

Rajeshwar Upadhyaya, Editor-in-Chief, The Leadership Review

December 8, 2015

Iron cuts iron or fighting fire with fire is old school, very limited and dangerously limiting. One has to transcend the way one is thinking about the problem. Are we subconsciously trapped in the Hegelian dialectics? Deliberately seeking out an anti-thesis by opposition with the hope that the new ‘dawn’ will be a better ‘dawn’?

How many Ratnakars can you kill? Will you rather transform him into a Valmiki?

Indian mythology has the idea of the Raktabija…an asura (demon) who devas (gods) find impossible to slay for every drop of his blood they spilled, spawned another one. Is the myth metaphorically alive today? Is the solution on offer from that myth…can we generate new options today…so generations to come are transformed and seek out lives of meaning and not guns? Are we 30 years behind time in the way we are thinking about the problem?

Is the west in an intelligence trap — where you are trapped in your point of view with an incredible ability to defend it?

In this issue, India’s leading strategic analyst Maroof Raza has written an insightful piece on how to tackle the menace of global terrorism. In an interview with the TLR Team, he also highlights the imperatives for global and Indian leadership when the threat of global terrorism looms large.

We continue to explore Anna Hazare as an emotionally intelligent leader and put under the lens his role as the patriarch of the Indian anti-corruption movement. Then we have an article on the leadership insights from Chhatrapati Shivaji written by Nitin Parab.

Dr Sujaya Banerjee returns with her column and in this issue she explores the concept of adaptive leadership. There is also a story capturing lessons from a Pakistani Administrative Services (PAS) officer’s (Tasneem Ahmed Siddiqui) adaptive leadership who showed the developing world a way to sort out the problems of squatter settlements.

Our next issue will be a mega issue showcasing the best stories of 2015 from The Leadership Review (TLR). Enjoy the holiday season and as always, happy reading!